Hong Kong’s new government must break gridlock to deliver a zero-emission bus fleet

With some franchised bus operators launching new electric buses in the last fortnight, zero-emission transport in Hong Kong has taken a small step forward. Yet without government leadership, we are still far from meeting public demand for a 100 per cent zero-emission bus fleet.

Each year over a thousand Hongkongers die prematurely because of air pollution. Despite the improvements over the past few years, the average level of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in the roadside air in 2021 still exceeded World Health Organization standards by 620 per cent.

(Full article published on SCMP on 9 May 2022. Click here to view.)

June 05 2020 | Getting Ahead

Clean Air Network (CAN) conducted a study for 2 weeks in March 2020, with the purpose to identify the level of air pollution concentration (Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2) at 10 bus stops

March 30 2020 | Getting Ahead

As the top emerging environmental health risk, the air pollution is affecting everyone from head to toe, including damages on brain, neurone, respiratory, cardiovascular,

March 30 2020 | Getting Ahead

True, the global environment and air quality were improved due to reduced human activities during the pandemic. But, it will not last long if we switch to business as usual.