The Issue

Globally, outdoor air pollution has become the leading cause of public health risk. The health effects of air pollution are serious – one third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution. This is having an equivalent effect to that of smoking tobacco.

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The Campaign

Getting Ahead is a campaign that equips Hong Kong with the knowledge, on mobility, local opportunities and overseas experiences, to enable full transformation to Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) fleet tomorrow.

Together with the community and experts, Clean Air Network urge the Government to shoulder the responsibility to equip Hong Kong with policy and infrastructure to lead such transformation. Let’s get ahead to a better alternative future with better air quality, public health and living standard.


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The Benefits

Transforming to cleaner bus will benefit not only individual health but also public healthcare system. The HKU’s Hedley Environmental Index estimated in 2019 one year alone, air pollution caused over 1,700 premature deaths, HK$20 billion direct economic loss, over 2.2 million doctor visits and over 127 thousand hospital bed days in Hong Kong. This is a preventable cost.

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The Strategy

To safeguard public health, Hong Kong needs a cleaner and healthier mobility system. To start with, To start with, Hong Kong’s first EV Roadmap, as announced by the Government in Budget 2020/21 should articulate how our franchised bus fleet and other vehicles should be transformed to respond to growing environmental health concerns among the public. The Steering Committee on the Promotion of Electric Vehicles, under the leadership of Financial Secretary, should take full responsibility to formulate this roadmap. The Roadmap should outline Hong Kong’s plan to invest on infrastructure and subsidise the transition of vehicle, maintenance and support technology.

Who We Are

Getting Ahead is an initiative led by the Clean Air Network, a non-profit civic organisation focused on addressing air pollution issue in Hong Kong.

Established in 2009, Clean Air Network envisions to clean up Hong Kong’s air until it meets the World Health Organization’s recommended safe level. We work with the professionals and the community to advocate for policy change.

We deserve better and cleaner buses

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Hong Kong’s current policy and regulations are far behind our regional peers and similar global economies, in consciously leading mobility reform.

The lack of vision in this respect is why we seek your involvement