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MAN is a supplier of trucks, buses, and vans with a focus on innovative transportation solutions. In addition to consistent customer orientation, the key success factors are technology leadership and the continuous expansion of the after-sales business. (Photo:


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Hong Kong

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The Lions A95 is a three-axle low-floor chassis with a rear-mounted tandem horizontal engine and a center-axle drive arrangement. The engine and gearbox are placed to the left, and the differential of the ZF AV132 drop-centre drive shaft is also to the left, forming an offset T-drive layout, similar to the Enviro500 MMC. This axle is commonly used in various low-floor buses and is an inverted portal design. The horizontal axis drives the wheels on both sides through gears, so that the height of the horizontal axis is lower than the center of the wheel axle, thereby reducing the platform height of the carriage. According to customer requirements, the tail shaft can be equipped with auxiliary steering.




Hong Kong


Hong Kong

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New Lantao Bus Company Limited

Emissions Rating

  • Euro 6 or Hybrid

Emissions Rating

  • Electric or Hydrogen
    Electric or Hydrogen
  • Euro 6 or Hybrid
    Euro 6 or Hybrid
  • None of the above
    None of the above

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